Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend report

Monday, 11 August

Wow! What a weekend of ups and downs. I took a couple of days away to "train" for next Saturday's state hillclimb championship, but more on that in my next post. Other highlights from the busy weekend:

Get well soon to Tricia and Carol and all the other crash victims from the Kirkland Crit. Too many bike racers got up close and personal with restaurant chairs and tables, shrubbery, curbs, metal barriers, and other hazards. And good luck to Dustin for surgery on his hand after his crash at the crit in Portland on Friday night.

BIG congratulations to Hilary on her fifth place finish at national road championships. Focus and determination go a long way in this sport--especially when they're added to fitness and natural ability! :)

And more team gossip: those Garage boys are in the news again. Jason and Heather are parents of a newborn son, and Mike and Kele are newly expecting. Congratulations to both families!

All the excitement from north central Washington--including a WSBA member caught littering on a state scenic highway--coming soon.


Brian said...

I almost snagged some french fries off a guys plate in turn 2.

That crowd was awesome, perfect place for a race. Kudos to Kirkland PD for doing a great job too.

Fun times!

andrew said...

Kele's racing and expecting!? Yikes! She raced with the 3s too which was the scariest race of the night!

That event was awesome. Both Tricia and I could have used a little more room on that turn 4 wall. Having last lap crashes there in back to back fields means it's time to widden the course.

MT said...

So what happen to Dustin's hand in the crash?

We met him at Derby Days. Nice guy.

Stoked said...

Re Dustin: "Turns out he crashed down in the Portland crit on Friday and broke some fingers pretty badly." From

Brian said...

Dustin had surgery yesterday at Harborview to pin his fingers together. He's doing much better now thanks to a concotion of hors tranqs and booze.

No really, it was a bad crash on a seriously tight twilight portland crit course. Dustin was really lucky it was just his fingers and some road rash. He's going to take the rest of the season off and come back next season in the 2's. I'll try to get him to post an update on his condition.

What I really want to know is the condition of the ladies who went down in Kirkland. any news?

Stoked said...

Tricia and Carol both got out of the ER within a couple of hours with diagnoses of not much more than hard smacks to their heads (along with road rash and bad bruises), but swelling of some sites left some uncertainty about underlying damage. Carol I think is done for the rest of the road season; TB is feisty and not ready to hop off the bike, from what I hear, concussion or not. Did TPR recruit mt for 2009?

mt said...

Thanks for the updates. I seems to have been a bumper year for crashes - my wife and I included. Our best goes out all the riders that crashed.

As for recruitment, I'm coming back to the scene after a 10 year hiatus. At that time I was a Cat3 with enough to move up. Burnout hit and that was it.

So now I need to work off some "hiatus extra" and get back to my race form.

TPR does sound interesting but I'm not sure they are looking for someone in my shape.