Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Keeping up

Wednesday, 6 August

Y'all need another post to attach comments to so no one has to scroll down thru 18 comments to say something pithy (or pissy) about teams or sandbagging or whatever. So here's tonight's picture from the pea patch:

It takes a long time to pick a couple pounds of green (and yellow and purple) beans and a half a pound of snow peas! But it's great to put them in the freezer and have really local veggies for wintertime stirfries.

Another lightbulb clicked on in my brain today after I got an email about a new local team and recalled a seemingly odd carpool combination at the TT on Sunday; suddenly things made a lot more sense. And of course now every time I see people together in unexpected groupings, I'll be trying to read as much as possible into who's suddenly bonding.

And on a more important subject, what's up with the results from nationals? USA Cycling doesn't have 'em, VeloNews doesn't even seem to know that nationals are on; I've only gotten a third-hand report that Alison Powers won the women's TT by 30 seconds over Mara Abbott.


Brian said...

Hey... wanna carpool to Kirkland?


Stoked said...

LOL x 2, given my propensity for crits! :)

Juicey said...

Hey Martha!
Question for the jam making expert... I've been making jam with runny success. I read somewhere that certain berries don't need added pectin (blackberries, blue and raspberries) but the last couple batches I've made have been runny after they're "set". Do you have a good rule of thumb for how much pectin to use? Thanks for your help! jen

Stoked said...

I follow the directions on a box of pectin, but reduce the sugar by maybe 30% and increase the cooking time by 100% (in hopes of compensating). Worked mostly OK for strawberry and apricot; raspberry is stiff! I'm going to try blackberry w/o any pectin. If you don't use pectin, you may need to cook longer (evaporate more liquid), which reduces the flavor. The good thing about trying no pectin is that you can make a small batch and see how it goes.

Juicey said...

Thanks for the tips - I'll try them again tonight in hopes that it gels. Mmmmm marionberry!

cat3 said...

Kauper, Kettman, Hazard. Time to move up baggers.

Brian said...

tough it out... season's almost over.