Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 recap, part 2

Thursday, 31 December

When I was writing up the on-the-bike highlights of 2009 yesterday, I tried to think of the biggest adrenaline rush or biggest drama. Of course it came to me on my ride yesterday afternoon: the episode with a yellow jacket under my jersey. I'd say stripping off half my clothes in a farm valley and suffering 4 stings at once qualifies as drama. There was also a very long ride that qualified as the worst day of the year on the bike, but we don't need to remember that!

So, the numbers.

Total bike miles on the road: 12,333 (assuming no catastrophic events deter me from the usual ride home from work this afternoon). Surprisingly, that is down from 2008 (12,693).

Total days with no bike miles on the road: 29 (same as 2008). I was on vacation for 11 of those days, supporting a women's team at the Cascade Classic for 4 of them, at all-day cycling meetings for 2 of them, and sick for just 1 (something to be thankful for!)

Month with the most miles: May, with 1653 miles.

Month with the least miles: November, with 757 (that was the month with 11 days off the bike for vacation).

Most miles in one week (7 days): 599.

Number of rides of 100 miles or more: 16

Three longest rides: 193, 151, 137 miles. (Longest ride in 2008 was also 193 miles, but at a different race.)

Number of times I rode a trainer: 19. 12 of those were indoor Computrainer time trials at CycleU, and 3 of them were on days when I could not ride outside. No, I don't ride my trainer much.

The biggest bummer of the year was the awful weather at early-season races. I didn't see much point in racing when it was 38 degrees and snowing/raining; weather kept me out of 5 races in March. The flip side of that was the spectacular weather all summer; never was a long ride in the mountains cancelled because of weather.

Thanks to all who raced and rode with me in 2009. I thoroughly enjoyed almost all of it. Here's to more happy miles for all in 2010!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 recap, part 1

Wednesday, 30 December

Tomorrow I'll churn out the annual statistical review of my cycling year, but here are some of the non-quantifiable highlights of 2009:

Favorite ride: Seattle to White Salmon

Favorite race: Elkhorn stage 4 (2009 version)

Most exciting race result by someone I know: Lisa M at elite nats

Most heartbreaking race result for someone I know: Mick losing Elkhorn by 1 second

Biggest buildup and corresponding letdown of my race season: Ring of Fire

Most amazingly bad place to stay: Ukiah

Two favorite pictures of the year, more for what they evoke to me than any artistic qualities they might have: