Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 recap, part 1

Wednesday, 30 December

Tomorrow I'll churn out the annual statistical review of my cycling year, but here are some of the non-quantifiable highlights of 2009:

Favorite ride: Seattle to White Salmon

Favorite race: Elkhorn stage 4 (2009 version)

Most exciting race result by someone I know: Lisa M at elite nats

Most heartbreaking race result for someone I know: Mick losing Elkhorn by 1 second

Biggest buildup and corresponding letdown of my race season: Ring of Fire

Most amazingly bad place to stay: Ukiah

Two favorite pictures of the year, more for what they evoke to me than any artistic qualities they might have:

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Mark B said...

Dear Mick -
What a hoot to "be there" for a few of those moments +

Best of luck & let's ride some in Oh Ten!