Monday, January 24, 2011

But will it work?

Monday, 24 January

Picking up from a thread of comments on a recent Facebook post here:

There's a relatively new business establishment along my commute route. It's an interesting concept, and I'd like to think that it might work: drive-thru grocery store.

Many times on my way home from work I think up the perfect meal plan, only to be foiled by some key ingredient I know I'm missing. I could stop at a regular supermarket, but I don't carry a bike lock with me and I'm reluctant to leave my dirty, fendered, heavy commuter bike unprotected for even a few minutes. A drive-thru grocery store could be perfect. Unfortunately, this one doesn't seem to carry the sort of thing that's likely to be missing from my pantry; I'm usually looking for veggies or rice or GF pasta. Maybe their inventory will expand or shift based on demand?

I'm hoping for a chance to visit this place. Also unfortunately, it's on a state highway, and in this particular stretch there is no bus lane, no bike lane, and no shoulder. But I'll try to get there and follow up with info on what price you pay for this convenience. I see they're looking to set up franchises, so you could bring one to your neighborhood too!