Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eight days a week

Tuesday, 16 February

Eight days a week
Is not enough.

I’ve been thinking about the content of this post for two weeks but can’t ever find the time to finish it up.

I really need eight days in a week to get everything done. Housecleaning, rest day, blogging, gardening—there just isn’t time to squeeze everything in. Watch a movie? Read a book? Ha.

Along came the Presidents Day holiday, and I thought “aha, the perfect extra day.” Unfortunately, I always try to accomplish more things on a holiday than there is time for and so end up feeling even farther behind and/or more tired than if there hadn’t been a holiday. I didn’t start out yesterday with ambitious plans, but somehow the 4-hour bike ride consumed 5.5 hours, the eating/recovery/laundry afterward took time, and poof! the day was just about gone with hardly time to do all the normal Monday tasks.

God got everything done in six days, but I can’t manage in seven. Maybe life has gotten more complicated?