Monday, August 18, 2008


Monday, 18 August

For all of you who missed Northshore yesterday (and there were a lot of you who did), you missed out on a great race! It is an awesome course, and WA ought to use it for a state road race championship some year. Good climbing, a couple of flat stretches, and a super fast downhill "bend" that I must say was absolutely screaming fun in the lead car. :) I suppose the stairstep climbing would take its toll (I did the team thing and drove instead of racing) and cause painful suffering, but there was some good tactical racing yesterday along with just plain ol' attrition. The course also features some really picturesque barns and some trouses (a term I learned at the Mt. Hood stage race for trailers that have been house-ified). Oh yeah, and yesterday there was a giant clap of thunder at the end of the masters/women's race but only a few rain drops all day long. Kudos to Phil & Co. for putting on this race again after the snow day at the end of March!


Brian said...

I was building the tandem :-)

Winners? Highlights?

Stoked said...

Daisy Phillips won W1-3, Carrie Eller 2nd. Mick Walsh won masters, Jeff McSomething from Fanatik was 2nd. 3s won by an unattached Canadian who rode at least 2 laps solo; Brian Peithman attacked in last half lap and finished 2nd solo. 1-2s won by another Canadian, Dave Richter was 2nd. Sorry I don't know W4s or 4-5 men.

So I'm thinking we should have a Seattle tandem rally ride, what with all the new folks on tandems this summer (or folks on new tandems)....

andrew said...

Any course is better than Longbranch.

mt said...

Is this course using the Old Fairhaven Stage Race course? Or part of it?

I remember digging that course. Lots of fun.

Brian said...

Good call Andrew.

Longbranch = Blech

At least it was for me this year.

I always thought Elma was a great BARR course.

Thanks for the update, tell Mick congrats.

Tandem Rally sounds good but lets get Rosanna a few rides under her belt on it :-)

Stoked said...

Don't put all the apprehension on Rosanna. We all know it takes no brains or skill whatsoever to stoke a tandem. :) Maybe it's the captain of your bike who needs the rides under HIS belt?

Anonymous said...

Steve Zeliadt and John Sindell from Starbucks took 1st and 2nd in the men 4/5. A guy from WWU got 3rd. I think a CycleU guy got 4th.