Friday, August 22, 2008


Friday, 22 August

One of my tandem partners is leaving town. :( Like so many bike racers, PruDog thinks he's found greener grass and is moving on. Whether you agree or disagree with his politics and economics and race tactics, you have to admit that he has done way more than most to support bike racing in these parts. From Ohop to optics, he truly helped "grow" the sport. Even if you don't know it yet, you're going to miss him. Come say goodbye and good luck to the PruFamily:

September 18
7:00 p.m. - ??
Pied Piper Ale House
2404 NE 65th St
Seattle WA 98115
(206) 729-0603
"kid friendly"

Bring your roasts, toasts, and PruStories.


Brian said...

and.... pie?

Stoked said...

Geez, I mass produce hats, not pies. I promised a pie to PruDog; you'll just have to see what it takes to make him share.

Old as dirt said...

Brian, You wanna stay at 169lbs??

Brian said...

I have promised myself not to follow PruDiet.

I need to get back down to 140 and pie will not help.

I need carrots.

mt said...

Mmmm...rabbit food. I'm there with you Brian, I need to drop some pounds - and more than 29.

Brian said...

Well MT, you know what fred would tell you...

Intervals Intervals Intervals!

(that and drink lots of Exceed)

mt said...

I never did like Exceed. I used Cytomax as it jived with my system better. AMOF, I still use it along with nuun. And, over the winter I'll give Hammer Nutrition products a spin.

As for intervals - how true! "You have to get out there and do some interval training, Matt. Three sets of three one minutes and two five minutes. Twice a week, rain or shine."

Some other "Fredisms":

"Cut back on the hills, you can climb fine."

"Go out and get some long rides in smelling the roses"

"Pick your races and count back 4 weeks then start target training for it"

"Rest is very important and needed"

"Don't switch out perfectly good parts the night before the race!" (I did this quite regularly with the most extreme being at The Casper Classic in Wyoming - had a whole new Campy group shipped in. Drove him nuts.)

"Keep your elbows bent!" (This would be told to me while riding beside me.)

A few days back I was digging through some of my training paperwork and found the interval and periodization charts he had created for me. This started me thinking about the discussions he and I would have about training philosophies and how the stuff he said that sounded so radical back then is now mainstream. Stuff such as power training, single leg pedaling, fixed gear riding, spinning, core body weight training, and mental training - just a few.

An amazing mind.

Old as dirt said...

All basic information and common sense. That's what it's all about