Sunday, August 03, 2008

More sweetness

Sunday, 3 August

It was a pretty sweet weekend. I converted some of my summer raspberry harvest into part of our winter's supply of jam. We went to a post-wedding party and listened to the happy couple say sweet things about each other (congratulations, Paul and Kit!). I bought 23 pounds of Gravenstein apples, which are absolutely the best cooking apples in these parts; much applesauce making is in my immediate future, and the apple pie I made tonight was even better than what I had at the Sweet Life last Sunday.

And to top it all off, I set a 40K PR by more than 2 minutes at the state time trial championship today. I squeaked out a gold medal in the old ladies category by a mere 14 seconds. Turns out that Old As Dirt and I crashed the results software because we have the same WSBA number; there are hundreds of such pairs, but we happened to be the first to finish. If we had also raced tandem, the officials would probably still be trying to reconstruct things!


Cascade Cyclist said...

Martha: Way to go in the TT!

Based on your report about the voter's pamphlet and the velocity at which you and old as dirt move, I think cosmic forces were at work to cause the computer to crash.

Velocity of a tandem + alignment of the moon + migration pattern of the salmon = flux in the electromagnetic field around the computer...

andrew said...

Damn Primary Key constraints.