Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Better stoker pix

Tuesday, 29 July

Here are a couple more stoker photos by a better photographer, Jo Wienert, who was on the second-place bike in the B category.

I swear this image is photoshopped. We're going around turn 1, and I was sure that we were in the inside gutter every lap as we approached this turn. This looks like we're in the next county--which would almost be possible on that course! See how many times you can pick out the word Co-Motion in this picture. :)

Here's another photo of the beautiful King Estate Winery. In case you're just desperate to do a race that starts and finishes there but don't have a tandem, you're in luck: the Eugene Celebration and Willamette stage races (September and April) both have stages there.

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Jo Wienert said...

Hey these pictures look great here! THANKS! I am glad I was dragged into doing these races this weekend. (That Dave!) It was so much fun and met lots of nice people in the process too!!