Monday, July 28, 2008

More stoker photos

Monday, 28 July
Let's see if blogger can do this:

A little chatting early on.


Oops! This is how most of my on-the-bike photos turn out!

I think he was getting tired of me trying to take pictures of riders behind me. But this is the only one of that batch to turn out! Note that the son is captaining this bike and the father is stoking.

How many years before this father and son duo swap spots on the tandem?

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Greg said...

The picture of Davis with his tongue out is pretty typical. I don't think he was tired of getting his picture taken. He's always putting on a goofy show for the camera.

Thanks to everyone for a GREAT race weekend!! Last year we won the B's Wolf Creek RR off the front of the field by 3+ minutes with my 16 yr old son as Captain. I declared it to be the most fun I've ever had on a bike. This year we got bumped up to A's and won the RR stage again. So now I have two most-fun-days-ever-on-a-bike.

I've often talked and written about the experience of tandeming with my kids. Being able to share the sport of cycling in a way that pairs them with you as an equal team member I feel is unique in the world of sports. Davis started on the back of a tandem with me racing off-road when he was 4-yrs-old. Now to have him promoted to Captain and dragging his aging father along in events like the CCTR to victory is an experience I never imagined and a parental thrill I can't describe.

Thanks for the pics!