Thursday, July 24, 2008


Thursday, 24 July

Meet Gustav. He's the guardian owl of my garden. He has done a spectacular job this year of keeping away the tiny little birds that love to feed on my crops. His head bobbles and swivels 360 degrees, so sometimes he looks like he needs an exorcism, but that's all part of what makes him look scary. I used to use a big net over the berry bushes, but the little birds would hop along the ground, get under the edge of the net, fly up into the bushes, and then not be able to get out. I felt bad for them. Gustav is much better. But I feel bad that he spends all winter in the shed with his head on the shelf next to him. I'm pretty sure he's a muggle owl, so he can't get a seasonal job delivering mail to students at Hogwarts.

Here's what Gustav is defending. Mmmmm. A big batch of raspberry jam is next on my agenda.

Here's the critter in my garden with the DNA to be a hunter, but he does a much better job of watching the lavender grow and picking up dirt off the patio with his fur, only to deposit it somewhere indoors at the first opportunity.

And you thought this was a tandem and cycling blog? Hold your horses, I'm off to a tandem stage race--road race, time trial, crit, and all. I'll try to post something about the actual race and not just the delightful repasts that await us!
While you wait for a tandem report, pick a number between -15 and +15 and join the pool for how much weight PruDog will gain or lose on his vacation! Read the comments for this entry. You can also go read David Longdon's report on what he considers the most fun he's ever had on two wheels (warning: some of you will think he's crazy!).

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mt said...

So what is the prize for the pool? A jar of tasty jam?