Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More pictures

Tuesday, 15 July

I'm no Heidi, but here are a few images from my week in central Oregon.

Terwilliger Falls...nowhere near the Terwilliger curves. Nowhere near very much of anything, for that matter.

See, I really did make it to the top of Willamette Pass.

Mr. Motor Ref Duke.

The first day at Cascade staged in the parking lot of the county fairgrounds, a.k.a. dozens of acres of asphalt. And no shade. TGH managed to find just a tiny sliver within watching distance of the start line as they waited for the men to roll out so the women could stage.

Of the hundreds of racers who lined up for the Skyliner TT (7 miles up, turn, 7 miles down), Robin was probably the only one who did it with a grin.

The old boys (Kirk and Mick) waiting to start their crit.

He's Mr. Calm behind those cool shades.

And these are the 4 hats I made during the week. Yes, mt, the black and grey one is yours.

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