Saturday, July 05, 2008

A first

Saturday, July 5

For the first time ever, I raced two crits in a single day. For those of you who know me well (those of you who just fell off your chairs), let me refine that statement: I started and finished two crits today. I was next to last in the first and next to first in the last.

The Firecracker Criterium in Eugene had a tandem crit at the end of the day's schedule, so I raced the women 1-2-3 crit in the early afternoon, sat around and ate cookies, and then raced the tandem crit. I was saved in the women's race by a stiff headwind on the finishing straight, which usually meant that many attacks kind of died when we rounded the last corner. I did have to close a few gaps when there were some serious, sustained attacks that strung things out.

Our tandem crit was shortened to 15 laps, and it took my captain about 5 laps to figure out the corners. We hung at the back for a while, then moved around, then followed the front bike in the prime sprint, and it was pretty animated after that. A father-son pair attacked with a little over half a lap to go; we weren't exactly "on" their wheel but we were the second bike through the last corner. On the final straight, we didn't do much to close the gap on the lead bike, and another male-male bike was moving up on our inside as I was yelling "go" to my captain, and then all of a sudden we stopped pedaling. Oops! Stokers can't see the finish line!

I have to admit that it was a pretty fun afternoon. :)

Tomorrow is the Firecracker Time Trial, which happens to be the OBRA tandem TT championship. Just one race for me tomorrow because from there I leave for Bend and the Cascade Cycling Classic. On my bike. I'm taking a different route this year and have not too much idea of my total mileage. I think Sunday's will be about 70 and Monday's could be anywhere from 110 to 150. And I don't know where my next internet access will be, but I'll try to post so you don't worry too much that I got lost in central Oregon.

See you in Bend!

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Jeanie said...

Hi Martha,

Great job in the crits! I wish I could have been there to race with you.