Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sweets and shopping

Tuesday, 18 December (again)

I did some more Christmas baking today, this time meringues to go along with the chocolate raspberry torte for Christmas dinner. They are sweet but light--just egg whites and sugar, plus orange zest in some and coffee powder in others. The orange ones are best. They might not last til Christmas. :) Instead of making freeform blobs with teaspoons, I used my pastry bag and a rosette, and they look pretty fancy!

I also made another visit to A New Yarn and really stocked up. I need to make a couple of hats this week for Christmas. The shop has a big basket of yarn that's been donated, and they give you a plastic grocery bag, you fill it up (!), and it costs $3 for the whole lot. So in addition to 4 skeins of yarn for the aforementioned hats, I got some beautiful blue Icelandic wool, some stretchy brown stuff that has inch-long wormy bits sticking out all over (it'll make great hat trim), and gobs of baby yarn. If we have any snow days, I am set!


.n. said...

Geeze, I wish I could be at your place for xmas dinner!

Argentius said...

Shoot, there's a certain someone I'm going to have to tell about that!

As I sit here reading blogs in the dark, waiting for it to get light out to start my ride, since I don't really want to fumble with my bike lights today, I'm excited for the slightly contradictory start of winter, and the earlier mornings.

What are we going to do if they really decide to stay on daylight savings all winter last year? I heard that might happen...

Old as dirt said...

.n you'd be very welcome, any time.
Do you remember what the weather is like here this time of year, though??