Saturday, December 01, 2007

A New Yarn

Saturday, 1 December

After what was a great ride for the first day of December, in Seattle (no ice, no rain, a little sunshine), I first visited a local indulgerie (yes, it's a bakery/coffee shop, but not as, um, industrial as Starbucks and way tastier--and hence probably way more indulgent). Then, since I had put on so many clothes for the bike ride that I was not frozen despite 3+ hours on the bike in sub-40-degree temps, I decided to check out a yarn shop with a mission that I didn't even know was in my neighborhood. I hope the feature in this morning's paper brings them a lot of crafters and stitchers from north Seattle:

It's a small shop with big windows on one whole side and a big table for socializing while working on your latest project. They carry a lot of the yarns I use for hats, so I will be going back. They teased me when I said I didn't "need" any more yarn right now: yarn is sort of like bikes--never too much or too many. They had some great cotton yarn in Christmas colors, but the only thing I know how to knit with cotton is dish cloths, and who really wants a Christmas dish cloth?


Lyne said...

"who really wants a Christmas dish cloth?"

grandmothers :)

STOKED I AM said...

Unfortunately, I learned how to knit about 30 years too late to foist any of my creations off on my grandmothers. But I do think of them every time I knit!

Old as dirt said...

Your blog is far reaching!

At last you got to the sugar shack. Nathan and I are swilling beers here watching football and eating chips..... A guys weekend, and he has been telling me how he and his teammates are going to beat up on us next year.

Let's start training!!! And bring it on ;-)