Saturday, December 15, 2007

50 psi x 28 mm = not so fast

Saturday, Ides of December

I think my rear tire has a super slow leak. My team ride had to wait for me, like, 30 times today. I got dropped going down a 3% untechnical hill with a tailwind--and I was working hard. The tire was a little bouncy sometimes, although I never thought it was flat and it didn't seem to get worse. I did seem to get slower, though. :) Still, my average speed was over 15 mph for 81 miles with something like a thick layer of, well, cookie dough for a rear tire (as opposed to the spare tire of cookie dough accumulating on me!). Maybe this will make my workout on my race bike on the CycleU computrainer this week seem effortless?

Bad day for crashes. Best wishes to Richard and Andrew for speedy recoveries!


Argentius said...

Hey, you can't just leave us hangin' like that. What happened?

STOKED I AM said...

Richard hit a weird, invisible anomaly in the asphalt at the bottom of 196th just off 169 and tipped over, landing on his shoulder. He called his wife to come pick him up and we rode on. Heading west up May Valley, we came across 2 ambulances and flares in the road (chills here for me). Andrew from 2d Ascent jumped to get on a wheel going down the hill and broke his chain. Broken collarbone was the on-the-spot verdict. Riders also collided yesterday on the Cedar River Trail where it goes under the new bridge/overpass. Don't ride on the wrong side of the trail on a blind hairpin!

Michele said...

Ugg! We were out there (Cedar RT) the previous weekend and my first thought was that everyone better stay on the correct side under that bridge. Of course I told everyone this too like a mother hen... My overly protective nature was right though! Hope they are OK.