Sunday, December 16, 2007

Out-of-town riding

Sunday, December 16
(tomorrow is Beethoven's birthday!)

Today was the long-appointed day for a FRM women's team ride in the hometown that claims the largest number of our riders: Bainbridge Island. Last night, the weather forecast was ugly, but there was not a speck of rain today until I got in the car after the ferry ride back to Seattle. We had some blue sky, some great views of sunshine on the Olympics, and a mid-Sound treat of unrestricted views of snowclad Rainier and Baker.

Sometimes I knew where I was, mostly I didn't. We stopped for shots (espresso with milk and a tad bit of sugar) in Port Gamble, we bypassed downtown Poulsbo by riding through the parking lot next to the marina, and we had a scenic tour along Lemolo Road. We also did some of those vicious, short, steep hills that Bainbridge is famous for. It was a terrific ride with good company--and local knowledge of a super coffee shop to finish off a great day while we waited for our ship to come in.

Total miles today were 47. After yesterday's low psi ride plus a trip to the gym to lift weights yesterday afternoon, 47 was plenty. And my legs are looking forward to just sitting in my chair at work tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hi this may not be the correct forum for this, however I am hoping I have found the blog of Martha who has a husband by the name of Mick. I am trying to contact Mick who is a friend of mine from racing in our youth. He was always good to keep in touch and I was rubbish, unfortunately I have lost his contact details and was hoping you maybe able to help.
If you are able to pass this on to Mick I would appreciate it. My email is and he will recognise me from this address.


STOKED I AM said...

I'll point him toward your comment!

Brian said...

The last blog comment requires a soundtrack. You pick.