Sunday, December 23, 2007

Congrats to the happy couple !

Sunday, 23 December

Another holiday party last night.
Not the usual fare, though.
Nuptials (a surprise!) between courses.
Even the groom shed a tear.
Twas touching and exciting and beautiful.
Two special people whose lives are now joined in a new way.
Everyone should be so lucky.

A few guests knew the purpose of the occasion, but
No one gave it away to those of us in the dark.
Did I say they picked their date just six days ago?

Kisses abounded.
Embraces were warm.
None of the candles outshone the bride's beautiful glow.
No one was more sincere than the groom with his vows.
You two are now one--it's official.

Congratulations! 22 December 2007


annette said...

That is so sweet and nice of you to write up!
Thanks for coming!

Argentius said...

Congrats to Mr and Mrs blurry shadow! I mean, super fast. Or, something.

STOKED I AM said...

Don't blame the image from my "free" phone on the happy couple!