Friday, February 08, 2008

Ready or not

Friday, 8 February

Just like spring is around the corner whether you see it coming or not, so too is the bike racing season. Yesterday I mailed (yeah, old school) my entries (single, tandem) for the Frostbite TT, and this weekend is the last one free of "mandatory" team events or racing until (checking calendar....) mid-April? I've got four tandem dates already, and that's only between now and mid-March. :)

Mason Lake World Championships will be an entirely different women's race this year: the creation of a separate cat 3 race pushes the rest of us "elite women" into the masters men's race. That might not have much impact on the end result, but it will surely change the nature of the beast on the road for the women. No more lollygagging when the "right" break detaches itself from the pack. Well, the boys do that too, but 5 mph faster. After much hoopla all winter about all the women teammates I've got, at Mason Lake at least the ones I'm gonna see are men.

Hmmm, maybe it's time to give that race bike a spin on something besides a CompuTrainer? I'm giddy already..... :)

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Argentius said...

Whatever. You done got me all sarcasticlike.


MORE sarcastic.