Tuesday, February 12, 2008

O sappy day

Valentine's Day

For something different, I started today by taking the long way to work (an alternative to a morning run). It was simply gorgeous. Most of this ride is on the bike trail along Lake Washington, looking southeast the whole way. I got to watch the sunrise develop into a shocking shade of red (suitable for Valentine's Day), Lake Washington was like glass, and Mt. Rainier with its cloud cap was perched at the end of lake like a deity on its throne (rightfully so). I even heard the birds singing in the trees. Truly a beautiful start to the day.

Now this for my one and only (the rest of you can go read something else):

My bike is red
the hand-me-down one I got from you, that is
Your bike is blue
the brand new one, sitting on the couch
I'm still so glad
glad, adj.: experiencing pleasure, joy, or delight : made happy
I fell in love with you.
blame it all on Lisdoonvarna!


Brian said...

Lisdoonvarna! Isn't that where the matchmaker celebration is? That was so fun!

STOKED I AM said...

Very shortly (36 hours?) after we met, OAD and I rode bikes through Lisdoonvarna. The matchmaker magic was in the air! :)

Brian said...


Rosanna and I went rode from Liscannor, through Lidoonvarna to Ballyvaghn. Super ride. We even made friends with a cow!



Old as dirt said...

That's nice...thanks. But I do see you were planning it, the date at the top says Tues 12th!