Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Wednesday, 20 February

The best definition of overtrained is underrecovered. Since I am currently working 3 jobs (one of them full time) and doing the usual household chores (laundry, grocery shopping, etc.), I figured my week of mega miles would put me way over the line of fatigue. After all, I don't just sit around in my jammies after doing all those miles. But, hmmmm, no. (I'll let you know if I wake up with the flu tomorrow.)

So, from one Wednesday night TT through the next in the last week, I rode over 400 miles. Some easy, some hard, some climbing, some barely hanging on, but still 400 miles. Rain bike, race bike, tandem. Never did my resting heart rate budge above its normal 42-44 bpm range at night. My weight did not change (bummer). I do not hate my bike (or the saddle).

And some interesting numbers from the CompuTrainer TT tonight, for whatever they're worth. I got my HR higher than it's been all winter at CycleU (except for the time when they thought it got up to 221). I had my third fastest time of the winter (out of 11 races). Average watts and max watts were middling, which I swear are subject to calibration anyway.

Whatever overtrained is, those 400 miles weren't it. Don't think for a minute, though, that I don't get to rest now! And then the fun begins. I'm thinking smack talk about some early races, but I'm afraid to say it because I might jinx us all. Stay tuned!

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Brian said...

I think I had a slight calibration issue last night. :-) Great workout though!