Saturday, February 09, 2008

Funny fauna day

Saturday, 9 February

Nice riding today. Over 50 degrees. Sunny. Six hours. But the first hour was marked by some funny fauna observations.

At the bottom of Hollywood Hill, a car rolls up next to me. Two guys in tuxes want to know where Redmond High School is. I have no clue but can at least point them toward Redmond. Tuxes? At 9 a.m. on Saturday?

Over the backside of Hollywood, my peripheral vision picks up on three walkers in the road. I get a little closer and realize it's a man out walking his llamas. In a Woodinville subdivision. Maybe he hires them out as grazers to mow (and fertilize) lawns?

And then down at Cottage Lake, there was a flock of pink flamingos back in the bushes. I didn't for a minute think I was in Florida or (better) at Lake Manyara, and these were the flightless kind (seeing how they're stuck in the ground by metal stakes), but I did do a double-take.

After that it was just the usual herons and hawks, with frogs and chipmunks for background noise. I love riding my bike!

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Argentius said...

Herons and Hawks really do make my day sometimes...

And, shoot, I'm all for antispam, but these days I've got to squint and hold my head sideways to read these codes.