Monday, January 14, 2008

Lesser? Necessary? evil

Monday, 14 January

Well, in spite of what Argentius implies about how hateful trainers are, sometimes they are the better option. I was hoping for an hour's spin after work today, but the prospect of riding when it was 38 degrees, raining, windy, and dark was somehow less appealing than sitting on my trainer. It was the right call too, because as my commute took me over the second-highest hill in Seattle outside of West Seattle, it started to snow. And it hasn't stopped. So grinding away on the trainer in zone 2 while I kept up with Harry Potter trying to retake Hogwarts was much closer to the pleasant end of the spectrum than Argentius might have thought possible. True, you can't really do intervals and read at the same time, but my after-work spin takes me out the Burke Gilman Trail, and I discovered last week that those bumps are treacherous in the dark if you're out of the saddle and don't see them coming. Sort of like Dementors. And whatever you think of J.K. Rowling, her prose is lots better distraction on the bike than some race video.


Brian said...

2 words, 4 syllables (3 open, one closed)

Audio Books


Argentius said...

I cannot read and train, even at low intensity. Somehow it is like breathing and drinking...