Friday, January 25, 2008

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Friday, 25 January
Happy Birthday, Martin!

News from Oregon:

The 7th annual Elkhorn Classic Stage Race in beautiful Baker City, Oregon, is already shaping up to be another superb event full of challenging racing, fellowship with friends, and a bounty of wonderful memories....same category opportunities as last year:

• Men's Pro 1 / 2
• Men's Cat 3
• Men's Cat 4 / 5
• Masters men 40+
• Women's Pro 1 / 2
• Women's Cat 3 / 4 (women's categories scored separately but run as one group)

A SPECIAL NOTE TO WOMEN RACERS: This is your chance to make a statement about the quality and commitment of women's racing in Oregon and throughout the Northwest. With the support of business leaders in Baker City, we have committed to matching the Women's Pro/1/2 payout to the Men's Pro/1/2 field, as well as scoring the Women 3/4s separately so there are many opportunities for women racers....You have asked for an opportunity in a stage race, and we have provided an exceptional one: now stand up and be counted....

All Elkhorn racers should plan accordingly for a wide variety of weather conditions and be in top shape; the course is tough but rewarding to those who come well prepared. All fields will follow the same courses with the same distances; because of this, Elkhorn does not assess time penalties or time cuts.

Registration is now open at:

For more information, including information on lodging and logistics in Baker City, please visit our website at

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Ted said...

I really hope more people show up from Washington than in the past few years. Elkhorn is the best stage race in the NW and its a shame that people won't drive to do it.

Even more impressive are the changes that Baker City has gone through over the last few years. The downtown has really turned the corner.