Thursday, January 03, 2008

Forever young

Thursday, 3 January

There's a story in a Seattle newspaper this morning about how women over 40 can look "forever young." Biggest laugh: avoid helmet hair. So helmet hair is okay on women under 40? How unfair. But maybe this dictum will be good for my hat business.

One tip I don't get is that I'm supposed to wear skirts that hit at or below my knee. But I'm also not supposed to look "frumpy," and a long, loose skirt is a really quick way to look dumpy and frumpy--like a 1960s leftover. If you have abs, it's okay to wear a bikini, but if you have quads, you can't wear a skirt that's 4 inches above your knee?

Of course, all this comes from a woman who "gets her hair blown out and her nails done once or twice a week, her hair recolored every three to four weeks," and whose "beauty spending" amounts to $16,000 a year or more.

I guess we all have our priorities. We just don't all write books about them. Only blogs. :)


Argentius said...

Wasn't there a time when it was respected to be, you know, an elder? The etymology of some words, like "Senator," which essentially means old dude, remind me of that.

But, like you said, whatever you want to do, right?

As a twentysomething guy, I just laugh at the forty-something women who appear to be trying to make themselves up to "compete" with women younger than I am. I think, "who are they kidding?" when I see them.

STOKED I AM said...

Are you saying that by all means my skirts should come down to my ankles? Does that mean I can't wear shorts on the bike, only knickers?

Argentius said...

Stoked, you ride your bike a gajillion miles a week, your skirts can fall anywhere you like.

Fatima Blush said...

Who needs a skirt?

STOKED I AM said...

How else are you going to go commando on the podium after an epic road race when it's 95? :) Skirts are the best, I tell you! Sorry if that's TMI....