Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 data

New Year's Day

I've never done this before, but last night I added up some numbers from my 2007 training journal. Some made me smile, one made me wince.

Total bike (road, TT, tandem) miles: 10,931
Total tandem miles in the above: 1,753 (16%)
Total days with no bike miles: 23 (most in January and December)
Total trainer time: 80 hours
Month with the most miles: July (1,091 total; 388 tandem)
Month with the least miles: January (711 total; 184 tandem)

What made me smile was adding up all those miles for July and remembering the rides and races that month. Kind of discouraging was the equivalent of 2 weeks at work on the trainer. Disheartening too were the low training miles last January because of ice and snow. But Dan V. in Eugene is the latest proof that "it's just not worth it" to ride when there's any risk of black ice--hope your bones heal fast, Dan!

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