Tuesday, January 22, 2008

DIY mini training camp

Wednesday, 23 January

In the week between two indoor time trials, I managed to eke out some numbers that look like a mini training camp. But I took just one day off from work, had no travel costs except about 40 miles of driving and various coffee/bakery stops, got my sprawling old apple tree pruned, and took a freelance job that will pay for a real vacation/training camp later in the year. The week by the numbers:
  • 300+ miles on the road: more than 50 on the TT bike, the rest on my heavy ol' rain bike with 25mm tires--sadly, none on the tandem
  • 3 trips to the gym to lift weights
  • 2 trainer workouts
  • 2 10K time trials
  • 1 run
And to think one of my teammates nearly fell off her bike a few weeks back when we were talking about periodized training and I told her that some people get up to 20 hours of training during their heavy weeks. She could not fathom 20 hours of training--much less 20 hours on a bike--all in one week. :)


STOKED I AM said...

Gotta love blogger's idea of spacing, eh?

Anonymous said...

It's really cool that you can devote so much time to something that you don't get paid for. I would like to do the same but have too many responsibilites. Could you give us some of your tips like when do you shop, cook, clean up, pay bills and do all the other things that go into daily life?

STOKED I AM said...

Prioritize. Simplify.