Friday, June 09, 2006

Stirrin' it up

Friday, 9 June

Current thinking apparently holds that you need to say shocking and offensive things to drive readers to your blog. I'm not out to offend any more than I have to, although I could have some fun with the spelling habits of various bloggers (especially the team manager who misspells the name of his own team). Instead, I'll skip the tabloid commentary and jump straight to the "inquiring minds want to know" department:

Next Saturday, 17 June, is the day of the Marymoor Little 100, one of the more spectacular bike racing events in the Northwest ("spectacular" here meaning "lots of people making spectacles of themselves"). Reliable sources indicate that these charming undies will grace the, ah, attire of one of those same spelling-challenged bloggers (whose offenses include "slams on his breaks").

So come out to Marymoor next Saturday afternoon and watch for Mighty Mouse to make his appearance. You might be shocked and you might be offended, but you'll surely have something to blog about!


Old as dirt said...

Can I send the link to the NW newsgroup?? We might get the biggest crowd ever at marymoor!

P-Dog said...

hey man. my blog may be all about driving up readership via unsubstantiated rumor and unnuendo.. but even I draw the line somewhere. And you found it. Eeeek.

P-Dog said...

and i even mispelled innuendo for you. see all service all the time.

andrew said...

But will he shave his butt before adorning these skivvies? Could be an ugly site.