Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Tuesday, 13 June

Hey all you smack talkin' guys, arguing about underperforming teams and overrepresented teams and "diverse" teams and all, I didn't see any of those aforementioned teams crossing the line first in the 1-2-3 race at Pacific Raceways tonight (or at Ballard on Saturday, for that matter). Way to go, Trevor (and Ron) (and Kenny)!


Old as dirt said...

I guess nobody wants to trash talk!!

Anonymous said...

OUCH! That was quite the call out.

FWIW, one man talking smack is not a whole team.

Anonymous said...

No fair. I didn't really give my best to place last night. I was there training. ;-) Though it would have been hard to beat Ron and Trevor from that break.

Ballard...well that was indeed a sub par performance by a few teams. Kudos to Kenny for his great win. Hard to beat him when he's on his game like he is right now.


P-Dog said...

Well, I know I am offended now :)

andrew said...

My least accomplished team was working with a skeleton crew this week at PR (we need AT LEAST 20+). We did get 3 of top 5 and both primes last week though on the "hill" course. When I get back from Boston, I'll do my best to return to talking smack - mostly just to Pruitt because he seems to revel in it when he's not crashing out my guys...hehehe.