Friday, May 30, 2008

More women's race series !!

Friday, 30 May

In case you thought bike racing only happened in March when it's 41 degrees and raining, check out these new opportunities for women's racing in the Northwest:

There's a new summer race series for cat 4 women in Oregon:

And a new 3-race series at Pacific Raceways for cat 3s and 4s:

Summer racing heats up at Pacific Raceways! With generous sponsorship from Renton Western Wear, Starbucks, and BuDu Racing, cat 3 and cat 4 women will have their own (separate) races on July 1, July 22, and August 26 (all Tuesdays). These are "real" races--no coaches, no training, just lots of race action. Races start at 6:30 and will run approximately 40 minutes. $10 entry fee per race. The course will be "the flats" for each race. Prizes for top 3 overall series finishers will be awarded on August 26.

This series is a great transition from the training races that have been happening at PR all year (those continue through the month of June). More information about women's racing at PR is available on the BuDu Racing website: For directions to PR, see:

Please forward this message to your friends and teammates. The more women who turn up, the better the racing will be! And the two lucky winners will walk away with great new (non-cycling) shoes or boots courtesy of
Renton Western Wear.

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