Friday, May 02, 2008

Frozen oatmeal

Friday, 2 May

Browsing my local Trader Joe's last night, I discovered another new idea in food engineering: frozen, cooked oatmeal. Seriously. So now I can buy quick, regular, old fashioned, and organic rolled oats, plus instant and frozen. Of course, there's also REAL oatmeal, which is, you know, the oat off the stalk instead of some steel cut, machined wonder out of the food industry. This stuff comes to us from Ireland (yeah, the U.S. imports grain from Ireland). If you've ever bought real oatmeal, you know you have to cook it for 30 minutes. And if you've ever eaten the real thing, the rest of those oatmeal choices taste like so much processed food. But the Trader Joe's discovery has made me wonder if I can invest 30 minutes, make a huge pot of really scrumptious oatmeal, and then freeze it in single portion sizes to thaw and reheat in the microwave. An experiment awaits!

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