Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Thursday, 22 May

This is Ski to Sea weekend. Excitement in the air everywhere in Whatcom County. After six years on the fastest overall women's team, I passed the baton (hair scrunchy, or chip band, in this case) to an FRM teammate--and got another one doing the mtn bike leg for the same team, Boundary Bay Brewery. Those ladies are going to rock and roll all the way to the finish line. I'm not sure I'll miss sitting on the trainer in the annual 45-degree drizzle at the DOT station on Mt. Baker for me on Sunday morning. But I will miss the adrenaline that's so thick up there on race day you can inhale it.

My race plans for the weekend include instead a little time trial outside Vancouver, WA. It's tiny: just 12 of us signed up so far. But it's a brand new event, and it's always nice to support the efforts of someone who starts up a new bike race. I'll take the camera but not the laptop, so it might take a while to get a race report up. Cross your fingers for good weather for us!

And while I'm down south, I'm going to go buy a tandem for a friend who'll be racing at Ski to Sea. I think he found it on Craigs List, and I have a rendezvous with the seller at a Starbucks in NE Portland. How cool to see another household get a tandem. But we really will have to get this one to its new owner in a timely fashion because I'm not ready for two tandems living in our living room!

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