Monday, May 19, 2008

Hood gossip

Monday, 19 May

Okay, I try not to gossip toooo much on my blog, but I suppose that's what everybody reads blogs for. So here are some things I learned at Hood:

Do not hang on to the side of a car for, like, 10K to get paced back up to a group if you flat. Officials apparently hang out in the woods to keep you honest--or penalized.

The most famous bike racer at this stage race modified her TT bike between the prologue and the TT so that it failed the pre-race test with the bike jig designed by officials here in Washington (your bike had to pass muster before you could start). As a result, she was about 90 seconds late starting her TT while her bars were raised to meet UCI standards. She finished in second place, about 15 seconds behind the stage winner.

At least one woman reported a pretty "boring" race without much action on the long road stage on Saturday. She really missed the interminable climbs on forest service roads of the true Wy'East course.

I have not spent so much time in a long time among so many women who made me feel fat.

If you get an invitation for an exciting, new, challenging opportunity, should you accept or should you be realistic and realize that your life might not have room for more challenges?

New TT course coming at Cascade.

More tidbits as I think of them.

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