Sunday, September 16, 2007

Post-ride coffee

Sunday, 16 September

If you've been bad and not eaten anything or drunk anything on a 35-mile ride, and then stop for 2 cups of coffee and a pure-white-flour-and-sugar scone, is the coffee (on an empty stomach) likely to exacerbate symptoms of dehydration? A nutrition-free 35-mile ride is no biggie for me (notice that I did not report this year on what or how much I did--or didn't--eat during the 12-hour TT), but having some coffee and then feeling like my head is detached was a new experience. Who needs beer? Don't give me the old bad-research line that says coffee isn't hydration (they threw out that hooey last year--liquid is liquid). I'm just curious about the odd caffeine-on-an-empty-stomach kick.

Moving on to less-hyphenated writing, have you noticed that fall is here? The cat has reappeared from his summer prowls and wants to sleep on the bed all day, except when he's begging for more food. He's eaten more in the last week than he did in the last two months! And the green beans in the garden just poof! quit making more green beans. But yummy yummy, the delicata squash are in. Tonight was the first batch of delicata soup of the year, and I got an idea for a tasty variation. Recipe to follow, if it works.

And have you noticed that when you park your rain bike for 3 months over the summer, it gets out of shape, loses fitness, and refuses to go more than 14 mph when you take it out for its first spin?


Argentius said...

Hey, who is rubbing off on Stoked to make her all sarcastic-humor like? I chuckled three times at that post.

Scones are good. I like scones.

I -have- noticed that if I have coffee when I should drink a big ol' cup of water first, I drink the sucker too fast and get a headache.

I am pretty glad they got rid of that "coffee dehydrates you" line; I heard that since childhood and could never wrap my head around it. It's dangerous side-effect may be, though, that Coke is now advertising how hydrating it is. They even have a new vitamin-enhanced diet coke.

Wait, I thought that all of the carbonation / caffeine / acid was anti-vitamin?

Or maybe that's just a myth too.

STOKED I AM said...

Hmmm. Caffeine breaks down your bone density, and carbonation promotes esophagal cancer. Maybe we should just stick with chocolate? :) Oh, wait, that's probably not on the KF-approved hillclimb diet plan....

cannondalegirl said...

yup, it's fall! but my cat hasn't started putting on his winter fat yet ... he normally waits till october, and then eats non-stop for a month.

thanks for the sarcastic humor ... all my bikes seem to be going about 14 mph right now! :)

Anonymous said...

What happened?!

STOKED I AM said...

I wish I knew (I think). Stokers are the LAST to know what's going on with their captains.... He left a cryptic message for me last night expressing lots of concern but no specifics. Wait for a report on Kenji's blog?