Thursday, September 13, 2007

In the mail

Thursday, 13 September

Well, if almost nobody got excited enough to comment about 200 miles on the back of a tandem or my new Axley eyewear collection or even eating totally local and organic, this will be a real snoozer. You might not be able to tell from the preceding sentence, but I've been busy lately. Hats for the PruPuppies, hats for the newborn daughter of a friend of my husband (pink and lime were the colors they asked for; I chose some super-bright yarns, which were fun to work with).
Today I mailed a baby blanket to a racing couple in Olympia and some hats to folks in Hood River. The cool thing(s) about those last two hats are: (1) The yarn was a prize at Ring of Fire--what other promoters do you know who tailor their prize list to suit the interests of their competitors? (2) The yarn came from sheep raised not 50 miles from the Ring of Fire venue. (3) The yarn is going back to Oregon to somebody who probably rides right past the Imperial Ranch on half his training rides. I might have to go stop in some time. At the ranch, I mean.

Okay, I'm not contributing anything here to boost us out of our collective blogging doldrums. Allison and Ted are promoting a cross race in Pullman, which is almost enough to get me to try cross racing (but not quite, sorry). I made some interesting observations about friendly and oblivious riders and their respective teams on the trail on Tuesday night, but the team I'd diss has already blasted me once here, so I'll refrain.

One last thought. I'm not sure how I could possibly have mustered such a big smile at this point in our epic ride last Saturday. It must be because Tina has such a great smile herself, and when she grins at you and points the camera, you're inclined to grin back. Thanks for the photo!


Ted said...

The cross race was all Allison's idea. The race in Moscow was canceled and Allison thought it would be a great idea if we put it on. Michael and Marla have done such a great job with the series over the past few years that we feel as though we should finally contribute to it. Too bad they won't be around since Michael, "Alpine Ibex", will be down trying win the Furnace creek 508 again.

Weather permitting the course will feature a "circle of death" and a nasty run up that rivals "Knapp Time" at Steilacoom.

We were out practicing dismounts the other night in the park (which is funny to watch us do) and our neighbor rolled up to practice as well. Less than a minute later another woman came up and talked to Allison about cross and it sounds as though she and her husband may be out with us next week.

This means the people who cross in Pullman may have doubled. Crazy...

Thanks for the plug! We may already be getting one "West-side" couple coming over to do the race.

Tea Sandwich said...

Maybe we are both smiling because we have our fancy new Axleys on! You do look great in those shades. The stungunners are WAY hot, but I Really like the rose colored lenses on my Ginnys. For some reason, they have given me a whole new perspective on things ... life just seems, well, rosier!
Hugs to you and Mick.