Sunday, September 09, 2007

Accidental national champion

Sunday, 9 September

Here is my view for the 12 long hours of Ring of Fire. This was early in the morning, before the salt patches appeared. His race report is here. And there are some pictures of us on Kenji's blog here.

Watching this for 12 hours while co-pedaling our tandem earned me a 2007 national champion title. Ring of Fire was the 12-hour national championship for the UltraMarathon Cycling Association. We also set a tandem course record at ROF (2 miles would've been a tandem course record), and my 2006 women's record still stands. A great weekend for stroking the ego.

Among the many wonderful features of this course are the varied views of Mt. Hood. When you start in the morning, it's a little peak off in the distance. At different spots, you can also see Jefferson and Adams. Then you climb through the trees for a while...a long while...and then a blissful descent and Hood pops into sight, completely dominating your view.

You also ride past many farms outside Dufur and Tygh Valley. Some are what you'd call "going concerns." Others, like this one, are remnants from another time.


Argentius said...

It took me 3 tries to write a "congrats" comment, because it seems like Blogger is hungry these days. For swallowing comments.

But, congrats.

So, you guys have srsly never swapped captaincy before? Just once, you've got to get OAD to stoke for YOU...

STOKED I AM said...

Thanks! Kerry thinks it's pretty funny that OAD bonked at mile 200 and left me (hopefully NOT bonking) to captain the bike solo for the 7 miles back to the finish line. The little rush of adrenaline from having to do that makes me wonder if all you need to do is change things up once in a while to be able to tolerate a 24 hour race.

Juicey said...

Congrats Martha! You're an inspiration!