Friday, September 21, 2007


Friday, 20 September

Free at last, free at last. Free to move about the world. It took just over three months, but my passport renewal finally came through. Time to visit the in-laws!

My passport has a chip, my cat has a chip....I don't think I want to ask what's next.


Old as dirt said...

Well, I asked for time off to visit. Let's see what happens!Glad we don't have to pay for a hotel with the Euro so strong!We might have to dip into the Swiss bank account anyway ;-)

Curly said...

you coffees have a chip now too. After looking at the last month's of data... you may wanna cut back

Argentius said...

On my recent trip, we stayed many nights in hostels, but a few in nice hotels, paid for by the points of my father's friend, who travels often on business.

I looked at the price of our room one night, if we would've had to pay, and in USD, it would've cost more than $600.