Friday, April 13, 2007

Way to hot !!

Friday, 13 April

Here in Huskyville, the cheapest way to advertise student events is writing with sidewalk chalk on all the walkways around the student union building. It makes for some contorted postures among pedestrians as we try to read the words we're walking over, but I guess it works.

The latest event to get such treatment is a pageant hosted by some student association. Apparently the pageant is going to be "hot." Part of today's sidewalk art featured a thermometer with the mercury going all the way to the top and the phrase "way to hot !!" at the top. Am I as out of touch as Argentiopolis? Is "way to hot" some new exhortation, like "way to go"? Or are students just increasingly illiterate? The editor part of me thinks it's supposed to be "way TOO hot," but somehow I like the phrase "way to hot." It could apply after a great sprint or even a temper tantrum. Or a scathing blog entry.

And on the subject of contortions, in front of that same student union building, I saw a duck with a very bad hair day. I didn't know feathers got bent out of shape, but this poor girl obviously slept wrong on her pillow. It looked like she had an ear sticking out of one side of her head. Mallard bed head, I guess. Clearly, she needed a hat until she could get to a mirror.


Argentius said...

maybe it's a new duckvoguefashion?

Mandy Lozano said...

you are a woman after my own heart. i would pick up on that spelling crap, too. there have to be books about that sorta thing. google it, homegirl.