Monday, April 02, 2007


Monday, 2 April

Tragedy today at my workplace: two people shot dead on the University of Washington campus, apparently a murder-suicide by a stalker of a stalkee with a restraining order. A very sad contrast to the lingering cherry blossoms in the Quad. Or maybe they're complementary Zen-like statements on the fleetingness of life.

Some other accumulated tidbits:

You know you're in Eugene when you walk into a store behind a woman and her two daughters, ages maybe 7 and 10, and all three (Caucasian) have full-on dreadlocks going.

Where else but Oregon, home of a pricey digital finish-line camera and high-tech results system, do you find results posted after your race, written on notebook paper in pencil?

And most unusual response upon receipt of a StokedHat, this from the recipient of my first OBRA hat: "it matches my truck!"


Phil O' Sophical Curly said...

That was really a shock about the shooter. Can't take a day of life for granted... the only way to do this is to skip sleep and be AWAKE for every second of it. Enjoy the wind in your face... the feeling of being angry about being cut off by a motorist... the humor of a blog... the warmth of a hat... the sip of an Irish Beer... the stupidity of the Anonymous... enjoy it all... but stay AWAKE.

Argentius said...

Ouch. That sucks.

On the plus side, I like my hat.

michele said...

A sad day here at the UW. Sad that people believe they are entitled to another person to the point of taking their life.
Lesson to all of us not to take life or the ones you share it with for granted and remeber that these things are a gifts that you do not own.