Thursday, April 26, 2007


Thursday, 26 April

Well, from the on-blog and emailed comments about my What is racing? post last week, I appear well on my way to pariah status. But some people have said that I opened up good conversations that were overdue, so I’ll not be too depressed by others who were, um, more personal and devastating. I certainly did not intend to hurt feelings (there I go, being “girly” again) and will maintain that mine weren’t either. As for which comments were devastating or why, I ain’t tellin’—that way you won’t know where my skin isn’t quite so thick.

Watch for more on hats and gardening here—those should be less time-consuming from a self-defense perspective. Tell me I abuse my raspberry canes. Or that I don’t know squat about growing peas. Or what to do with my frostbit marjoram plant. Or the best way to make cat ears to add to a hat.

Oh yeah, there’s sure to be a report from the stage race on tap for this weekend but I should be able to dodge mention of team tactics.


Jamie Stangeland said...

I'm sorry that I knocked your knitting needles in the dirt Martha. You knit very nice hats.

All better?

andrew said...


stokediam said...

That's SO yesterday's news. :) I think I feel a(nother) sick day coming on....