Monday, November 27, 2006

Word of the year

Sunday, Snow Day, 26 November

To say that cycling bloggers make a few typos would be an understatement. (I'll be uncharacteristically generous and give everyone the benefit of the doubt and assume those are typing errors and not thinking errors.) I am amazed at how many people road their bikes on the rode, got in brakes, and grabbed the breaks. But one of those by PruDog earlier this year in a comment on these pages gets my nomination for new word of the year: unnuendo.

Innuendo means to imply something somewhat devious, mischievous, maligning. But with the new "un" prefix, the word comes to mean not implying it, but out-and-out saying something devious and maligning. And ain't that a perfect fit for someone who encourages, in his own words again, "cheap shots, bitter recriminations and general tomfoolery"?

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