Monday, November 06, 2006

Where is everybody ?

Monday, 6 November

I came home the long way today, riding the 10-mile stretch of the Burke Gilman from UW to Lake Forest Park, and the trail was EMPTY!! I saw one cyclist for every two miles of trail. How often do you get a chance, in Seattle, to ride in November in 60-degree weather? No gloves, no rain, no traffic, glimpse of blue sky over Matthews Beach, glorious leaf colors on the trees, and only a few patches where the leaf mulch on the trail was deeper than my rims. And a great tailwind!


andrew said...

I was probably 20 minutes ahead of you. I skip the trail during leaf season though and rode Sand Point. It was a nice night to be riding North.

The Virgin said...

I can tell you this much, they weren't riding around Edmonds today!