Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Velotron take 2

Tuesday, 21 November
(just one more month until winter starts!)

Last night was the second installment of Velotron testing at SPU. Same drill: flat, 10K TT effort. The only difference was that this time they had me try to focus on something other than what I usually think about. In the end, my time was almost exactly the same, which was good to learn because it means that when I feel like I'm getting bogged down or thinking too much about how my legs hurt, I can try focusing on something else and it probably won't lose me any time.

The Velotron software shared lots of juicy tidbits after the "race." It confirmed that I don't produce huge quantities of watts (which I knew), but it showed that my tandem captains' perceptions have been right: I am smooth and steady. My pedal stroke is not absolutely perfect, but it doesn't have any glaring hiccups--although when I try to push an enormous(er) gear for the last kilometer, it gets choppy. But just roll me along in a 56x19, and I will give you smooth and steady power, cadence, HR, speed, you name it. I don't fade, I don't fidget, I don't surge (I don't have enough power to "surge" on a 56 chain ring!).

We'll see what happens at CycleU tonight when they throw hills and competition and data feedback into a 10K TT!

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