Saturday, November 18, 2006

3 races in 4 November !

Saturday, 18 November

After an abbreviated Saturday morning ride, I was a human research subject today, doing a 10K time trial for doctoral research at SPU by former pro Nate Reiss. It was indoors on a Velotron, roughly like a Computrainer. I've done plenty of Computrainer 10Ks, so I thought I knew approximately what I was in for. Ha. In this test, you don't get to know time, speed, HR, or distance. So you sit on the bike and stare at the white walls and go as hard as you can--until they tell you there's 1K to go, and then you try to go harder and nearly crack. Oh, and it's dead flat so the resistance doesn't change. So it's really just you and the thoughts that go through your head in 10K (would you guess that this is a psychology research project?). At the end, they don't give you any feedback except "good job." Funny thing, it's an awful lot like doing a time trial on the back of a tandem, except that I had to pick the gear. And just for kicks, I get to go back on Monday night and do it all over again. They promise data and feedback then. And Tuesday night is a Computrainer TT at CycleU. And, to mix things up, they promise rain for my outdoor ride tomorrow.

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