Thursday, October 23, 2008

Planning ahead

Thursday, 23 October

Eight more days and I'm done with my diet of no refined white flour and no refined sugar. So where should I go to celebrate (?) a month of healthful eating? In the entree department, I miss pasta the most, but that's an easy fix. The more challenging question is where to go in Seattle for the best dessert? Not the biggest, but the best. Not the fussiest, but the tastiest celebration of flour, butter, and sugar (sorry, TB!). While the Sweet Life in Eugene is calling my name, even I can't drive that far for dessert. There has got to be something similar in Seattle, something I have so far successfully managed not to learn about for good reason. Suggestions, please!

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Juicey said...

Sounds like you're in the mood for some pastry type of desert... but if that includes ice cream as well - then Molly Moon's on 45th is your best bet. I've learned a few desert recipes in Italy too - and would love to share them with you... white chocolate pear tart, tiramisu, chocolate lava cakes, ricotta cheese cake, biscotti, gelato....