Friday, October 03, 2008

Hat therapy

Friday, 3 October

I've made three hats in the last week, all given away now. A therapist would probably have a heyday with how therapeutic they are in the making but also how comforting I hope they are in the receiving.

The first one went to an expectant mom at work. Her firstborn is a boy and she was ecstatic to have something pink to go in the nursery. All the time in making a baby hat is spent thinking how much joy there is to come in the tiny little person who will wear it.

The other two went to cyclists who've been enduring extraordinarily tough times in their personal lives. In a way, these are meant to be like hugs when there's no one around to give a real one. Both women have both suffered from pain that can't really be shared, no matter how much the rest of us reach out in support.

The yarn in the pink one is all acrylic; baby stuff has to be highly washable. The green one is nubby stuff from Co. Donegal that I picked up in the basement of a shop in Dublin last year. I loved the way the color and texture aren't uniform; I don't think it was spun by hand, but it had that feel. And the yellow one (representing a team kit, not my fashion sense!) comes from Peruvian sheep. This yarn is a staple in my hat making--it has so much body and stretch and is wonderful to work with.

Next up I think is another baby blanket. I haven't picked out the yarn yet, which is always a fun step in itself.


Michele said...

I recieved a very big hug today, thank you! and how neat it is that a hat warms your heart :)

Juicey said...

Thank you thank you thank you! Just in time for this chilly weather. Thanks for the hugs - it means a lot!

Shari said...

Hey Martha! I went rock climbing w/ Mark Duff and Miranda Moon on Friday and Mark was wearing his hat you made! I commented on it and he told me about your blog. Could I please put in an order for a hat? -Shari Shanks