Monday, September 08, 2008

It really was fun, I tell you!

Monday, 8 September

It was as much fun as it looks!

48 hours on, and nothing is sore. Beer and french fries are good for recovery!

I figured out I drank 8 bottles (Gleukos, Coke, water) in 12 hours. I ate 3 bars, 2 homemade cookies (300? calories each), and 1 orange. And 2 pretzels. Maybe I should work on nutrition habits for 2009? Or find some arm warmers that stay up? The Stungunner optics were fantabulous all day long, PruDog!


andrew said...

What's your take on Gleucos? Any good?

Stoked said...

I like Gleukos because it doesn't contain artificial sweeteners (sorbitol, aspartame, or even xylitol) that cause GI distress and it's not icky sweet. The packaging says glucose is the carbohydrate most easily absorbed by the body. It works for me!

Argentius said...


Did you choose to not use fancy aerogear because you thought that comfort was paramount in a race that long?

I'm not sure how I feel about ultra races, especially 24-hour-plus ones. A little confused, a little scared -- riding in the dark after already riding 18 hours?

Stoked said...

The biggest chunk of time in this race is spent climbing, and I wanted as many positions for my hands (and thus shoulders and back and all the muscle groups connected to it) as I could get. Aero bars don't offer much selection, and I probably could not have stayed in them down all the descents. Surprisingly, the guys coming in to the start/finish time station at 1:45 or 2-hour intervals during the night were lucid and chipper, and they all managed to come to the race breakfast a few minutes after they were done--and stay awake!