Friday, June 20, 2008

Elkhorn stage 1

Friday, 20 June
(is it still Friday?)

Elkhorn stage one is a 72-mile ride that starts out flat and beautiful; has a little climb, a nice descent, false flat along a stream (that was nearly up to the road today), and then a climb that somehow got longer in the 2 years since we've raced up it; and then a 25-mile section described as killer rollers. I just kept telling myself it was better than last year's stage one: it wasn't as hot and there has to be at least a little downhill among those killer rollers. But it is just one tough stage. It was hot today--probably 85--but not roasting. I drank as much in 70 miles as I did in 140 at LaCultra. And my food consumption was a whopping 2 fig bars.

Kenji was a little subdued before the start. I'll assume it was his new cat 2 race face and not prerace anxiety.
TT is early tomorrow. Must go to bed now. Should've gone to bed an hour ago.... Massage on the agenda tomorrow. :)

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