Thursday, June 19, 2008

Baker City

Thursday, 20 June

Greetings from Baker City, Oregon. Sunny, 80 degrees. Mmmm. That puts a smile on a Seattleite's face this spring, that's for sure!

Went to Bella's, met Beverly, had some San Pellegrino limonata and half a muffin and half a brownie whose ingredients sounded so wholesome that it seemed you'd be healthier if you ate them than if you didn't. There's a "fiber arts" (that means YARN to me) store newly located across the street from Bella's so I had to check that out while we waited for our ride buddies. Then it was off to preride the TT course. The hills aren't any lower and the chip seal isn't any smoother and the wind was a harbinger of the end of tomorrow's road race.

But, did I say it was sunny and 80? :) Perfect riding weather. Just about perfect weather, period.

I made a funny hat on the drive down here. It was more or less commissioned, although the color scheme wasn't specified, it was a default of the yarn I had left after making a bunch of others. I'm calling it a duckie golfer's hat: the green and yellow are perfect UofO colors (since the Sonics may be a thing of Seattle's past)--or maybe John Deere--and the little pompom on top looks like it belongs on the cap of some Scottish duffer. (Yes, George, this one's for you!)


mt said...

Good Luck!

I guess you will not be in Olympia on Sunday and the e-mail I sent you is partially moot.

BTW - I dig the hat!

Brian Marcroft said...

I see Mick is rolling deep in his snazy looking Marcroft Kit :) and at the front...of course.

Good luck this weekend.

STOKED I AM said...

I wish I had the handy excuse of "taking pictures" for when I'll be at the back today....

Brian said...

Go Ducks!